You like to go camping but you are not willing to relinquish your four-legged friend? No problem!

The south square is an independent and separately closed part with 23 tourist squares and 49 permanent squares. It is located only a few steps away from the main square and has a detached access-from the main square you have to turn left, than approx. 150 meters ahead, than you have to turn left and then follow the signage of the south square.

Of course you can use all features of the main square and the natural outdoor pool for free. But please attend that dogs are not allowed at the natural outdoor pool. 

All pitches are equipped with power-, freshwater- and sewage connections and have in-house television satellites available.

Wichtiges in Kürze:

At every parcel of the south square (Z 15 & Z 16) a maximum of 2 dogs can be registered and kept.

The dog/s has/have to be leashed constantly, as well at the parcel as during a walk.

Basically all kind of dogs are allowed, as long as they are not falling within the scope of Article 3 of the national dogs act (dogs from max. 40 cm resp. 20 kg). The approval is only legal for the registered dogs.  The necessary certificates and verifications for the keeping of dogs have to be carried along all the time and have to be shown on request.

 The dog owner is responsible for every damage which occurs through his dog/s or through the keeping of his dog/s. He has to take care that his dog/s is not dangerous for other people or animals.

Contaminations (e.g. dog dirt) has to be eradicated by the dog owner immediately.



Badeordnung (PDF)

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