Bathing order within the nature outdoor pool at the Wisseler See/Kalkar

  1. The bathing rules serve the safety, order and cleanliness in our natural outdoor pool, so that all visitors find the desired order.
  2. The beginning and end of the bathing season are announced publicly every year. The daily bathing time is indicated by placing the green flag on the watch tower. The management of the Erholungsstätte Wisseler See GmbH is entitled to close the lido on bad weather days. This is indicated by placing the red flag on the supervision tower. If the flag is red, swimming in the lido is prohibited.
  3. The open-air swimming pool opens at 1 pm, as well as on weekends and during the summer vacations of the state of NRW, if the following criteria are met
    at 10 am:
    – sunny and dry weather
    – at least 20 ° C air temperature
    – at least 18 ° C water temperature
    Admission is possible until 5 pm. The life guard is present until 6 pm, after that the red flag is raised. When the red flag is raised, swimming isforbidden in the outdoor pool. At 6 pm the gate at the entrance to the outdoor pool is also closed, the revolving door for leaving the premises remains open. All guests must leave the outdoor pool by 7 pm.
  4. These bathing rules are binding for all guests of the natural swimming pool and the campsite. By purchasing an entrance ticket, each visitor accepts these regulations and all regulations issued to maintain operational safety. The group leader is responsible for the observance of the bathing rules at school, club and group events.
    Admission is not allowed:
    a) Persons under the influence of intoxicating substances
    b) Persons who carry animals
    c) Persons with an offensive illness
    Children up to the age of 6 years are only allowed to enter and stay if accompanied by an adult.  Persons with a tendency to cramp and fainting spells and mentally handicapped persons are only allowed to enter with an accompanying person who has custody.
  5. Before entering the natural open-air swimming pool the fixed fees are to be paid. The one-way ticket is only valid on the day of issue and only entitles to a single visit.The ticket must be presented to the staff of the facility upon request. Redeemed tickets will not be taken back. For lost tickets no replacement will be provided – except for personal season tickets. These will be replaced if proof of loss is provided.
  6. Bathers use the outdoor pool, including the sports and play equipment, at their own risk, without prejudice to the operator’s obligation to maintain the pool and its facilities in a roadworthy condition. Air mattresses are prohibited outside the boundary lines.
  7. Swimming aids (water wings, vests, floaties) are only allowed in the non-swimmer area.
  8. All visitors – including all vacation and permanent campers of the Erholungsstätte Wisseler See GmbH – are advised that bathing outside the closed bathing area and in the former bathing bay is not permitted.
  9. We are not liable for the destruction, damage or loss of objects brought into the facility.
  10. The operator is liable for personal injury, property damage and financial loss only in case of intent and gross negligence. This also applies to the vehicles parked on the parking spaces.
  11. No liability is assumed for valuables and cash as well as found objects.
  12. If a bathing guest suffers an injury, he/she must report this immediately to the bathing supervisor. Failure to do so forfeits any claim for compensation. Due to the increased risk of injury, glass containers (bottles, cans, etc.) may not be used in the lido (beach, changing rooms, sanitary facilities, playgrounds and sunbathing areas).
  13. The staff of the bath exercises the householder’s rights towards all visitors. Visitors who violate the house or bathing rules can be temporarily or permanently excluded from visiting the bath. In such cases the entrance fee will not be refunded.
  14. Express your wishes, suggestions and also complaints! In this case, please contact the management of Erholungsstätte Wisseler See GmbH.
  15. Open fire (barbecue, shisha etc.) is strictly prohibited.

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